Video – Purchasing Cryptocurrencies with Amina Motala


Video tutorial #1 with Amina Motala

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[wpecpp name=”Crypto Course 101″ price=”49″ align=”right”]In this video I will teach you where you can go to purchase cryptocurrencies and what wallets you can store your cryptocurrencies in. Purchasing cryptocurrencies always involves being safe when buying and storing your crypto. You will learn in this video how to safely find exchanges and wallets that are trusted and have a good team behind their service and product. My journey in this space has aloud me to travel and meet many of the leading companies in this industry face to face. I will show you some of these companies that I recommend and have personally invested with.

Always be aware to stay up to date with who you choose to invest with and companies you use to ensure of any changes as this industry is still growing.

This is not financial advice.

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